Toyota Genuine Service at Rosebud Toyota

Toyota Genuine Service makes life easier

Things run smoothly from the time you book at Rosebud Toyota's Service Centre. You’ll find staff who take the time to understand your needs and technicians who know your Toyota inside out. You’ll be back on the road with minimum fuss.

Life’s smoother with Toyota Genuine Service

Servicing your car can be an inconvenience but it shouldn’t be a chore. You’ll find all the information you need here to make your next Service day run as smoothly as your Toyota.

Detail of what’s included in your next logbook service and what it’s going to cost is just the start. You’ll even find tips for maintaining your Toyota and advice in the event of an accident. It’s all part of the service at Rosebud Toyota.

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Toyota Service Guarantee – Service Pricing

Having your vehicle serviced shouldn’t come with any surprises. That’s why with Toyota Service Guarantee you can have the certainty and peace of mind knowing what’s included in each and every service with no unexpected costs. From one full logbook service to the next, it's service you can see and trust.

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Toyota Service Guarantee

Smoother Genuine Service

Things run smoothly from the time you book at a Toyota Service Centre, because we know you’ve got better things to do with your time. We’ll take the time to understand what you need and get it done professionally, so you’re back on the road, worry free.

Toyota Service Guarantee

Expertise, Every time

Nobody knows your Toyota better than a Toyota technician. And why wouldn't they? After all, they work on them day in and day out with specialist equipment designed just for Toyota. So if you want your Toyota to run like a Toyota should, visit Rosebud Toyota's Service Centre.

Toyota Service Guarantee

Professional, yet comfortable

Step inside your Toyota Service Centre and you and your Toyota will feel right at home. From diagnostic equipment to get the most out of your car to comfy guest lounges to relax in, we’re there to make your service day run as smoothly as possible.

Toyota Service Guarantee

Making Service Day, Your Day

Life’s better when it runs smoothly, and your car servicing day should be no different. If you’d like to wait while we service your Toyota, our Guest Lounges are super comfy and have everything you need. Plus, you can relax knowing your car will be ready quick-smart.

Toyota Service Guarantee

Wait in Comfort

Because we’re experts here at Rosebud Toyota, we can service your Toyota very efficiently.

Your wait will be comfortable with the likes of free Wi-Fi, children’s play area, great coffee, and daily newspapers in our guest lounges.

Toyota Service Guarantee

Can’t stay? No problem

If you can’t do without a car, ask about a service loan car or a courtesy vehicle to get you where you need to go. Toyota Service Centres open early for pre-work drop offs, and usually stay open a little later so you don’t have to race back to pick it up. Just ask for Rosebud Toyota's opening times and alternative transport options.

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